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The youth of today are facing unprecedented pressures in a society saturated with pleasure, greed, entertainment, lust, and self-centeredness.  Many are struggling to make right choices but are hindered by the pain of divorce, low self-esteem, rejection, negative peer pressure and the constant barrage of messages in the media that glorify promiscuity, materialism, immorality and rebellion.


At Hope Community we are offering an alternative to the ways of the world, the true way to real life, meaning and purpose. We are calling youth to follow Jesus out of sin and selfishness and equipping them to discern truth from error in all the messages the world is feeding them.  Only youth who are fully dressed in the armor of God and trained in the Word and prayer will overcome the attacks of Satan and shine the light of truth to those in darkness.  Hope Community offers a place for youth to build supportive relationships, mature as a follower of Jesus, discover and use their gifts and talents to edify fellow Christians and share their faith with other students.  As the source of life, Jesus is the way to blessed and eternal life.

Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30